Illustration of the real estate project – it‘s time to sell what does not exist yet

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A real estate project may take several years – from the moment of planning and approvals, the stages of construction to the moment the apartment is delivered to the customer. And all along the way there are expenses and more expenses that fall on the contractors. When it comes to a real estate project we can not afford to wait for the project to be completed in order to start selling the properties. This is the reason why we start selling properties even before the works on the site have begun or when the works are still in their early stages. And this is where the problem begins – how to sell what does not yet exist.
The customer always wants to see what they are buying, especially when it comes to the apartment in which they are going to invest their life savings. An architectural plan and some illustration drawing is not enough to market the project. You must find the technological means that will allow you to illustrate to the client the project in its entirety, even in the stages that still exist on paper. Here there will be commercial areas, here there will be a green park… But in the meantime all the customer sees is a black and white drawing. Whoever manages to illustrate to the customer in a better way will win the sale.

The revolutionary startup that will allow you to sell what does not yet exist.

So how do you sell something that does not yet exist? It turns out that MOOZ360 has the solution. MOOZ360 is a successful startup that brings the news of 3D to the real estate market and offers a selection of advanced technological tools for imaging. Using the advanced tools, the customer can be presented with an image that covers the project from all directions. The client can enjoy an experiential presentation that shows them the whole face of the project in a sharp and clear way.
The client cannot express all the questions and doubts they have in words. They need an experiential impression that will be a key factor in the decision-making process. MOOZ360 combines different imaging means to give the customer the same effective experiential impression.

Using the platform you can illustrate both the characteristics of the property, the characteristics of the project as a whole and the characteristics of the surroundings. These are the three parameters that influence a customer‘s decision.

The platform offers the customer much more than 2D / 3D simulation, the customer can take a virtual tour where they can be impressed by all the characteristics of the apartment, move between the rooms and even look out the window. By these means you can tell the whole story of the project and show the client the big picture. In fact, advanced imaging capabilities can offer additional value over visiting a property – imaging capabilities can also illustrate the area and emphasize the main points of interest in the area, such as schools, commercial areas, public parks, etc.

This platform provides a complete solution for anyone involved in real estate marketing. It allows the customer to illustrate all the characteristics of the project and provide all the answers, while being efficient and saving resources. These technological capabilities also reduce the need for frontal sales and provide a tool that enables remote sales.

Written By Tomer Edri, MOOZ360 CEO


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