Remote real estate sales

The recent period has sharpened our understanding and need to create interaction between people,
Innovation in distance selling is one of the key factors on the road to business success. Distance selling is the way to provide more value to the customer and gain a significant competitive advantage.
After many years in which we have not seen innovation in the real estate industry, things are starting to change. MOOZ360, which has identified the gap between the existing technological options and their application in online project marketing, brings you the latest in real estate.
The company brings to the Israeli real estate market the tools for smart and efficient marketing of future and built real estate properties – the tool that enables the sale of real estate remotely, conveniently, quickly and using all the innovative tools for sale and all in one platform based online.
For years the real estate industry has relied on frontal sales, time and resource consuming and not always efficient. While technologies have evolved at an accelerated pace and the world has undergone many changes especially in recent times. Real estate sales were based on sample apartments and marketing on the project site. Although real estate companies woke up late, the companies that were the first to adopt the technologies that enable the sale of real estate remotely have already reaped the benefits. They were successful even in the days when corona restrictions paralyzed the market and beyond. This is not a business gamble and another uncertainty in the industry – this is a proven success. Selling real estate remotely is considered the hottest thing in the field, which brings proven results, and significant relief to the real estate company.

How real estate is sold remotely

The main difficulty in selling real estate remotely is the difficulty in giving the customer the sensory experience required to be impressed by the property. To this day we have become accustomed to doing this through sample apartments and visits to the project site. This way the customer can be impressed by the apartment, the area and the residential experience that the property offers them.
The advanced tools that MOOZ360 provides you with allow you to create an effective experience that gives the customer the experiential impression by digital means.
Selling real estate remotely brings challenges. It requires a complete solution for the presentation of the property and MOOZ360 possesses the technological tools that make it possible to do so in an efficient way that adds value over traditional sales methods. We are not satisfied solely with 2D / 3D plans and apartment specifications. We take the means of illustration one step further. Thanks to our imaging tools we can give the customer a 360-degree virtual tour and a floor view of the property. The client can enjoy a virtual tour that allows them to examine and be impressed by all the characteristics of the property and the surrounding – from the interior designs and air directions to the big picture that includes the project as a whole, the neighborhood and the area. Online visualization allows real estate companies to build an experiential marketing package that tells the story and concept and answers all the client‘s questions and visual needs.

A value-based system

The success of MOOZ360 is due to its ability to present value even to the end customer who can enjoy an easy and convenient solution. A solution that provides them with all the answers, and without the need to get to a frontal meeting. When the customer enters the system, they go through an emotional experience that gives them a comprehensive impression of the project, in a short time and from anywhere.
Real estate marketers benefit from a system that meets all the components of marketing – from customer interaction to targeted monitoring and campaign management. The system can be fully customized and can be easily applied to any project and any branding concept. The system provides a perfect solution when marketing to foreign investors abroad. This is a system that improves all sales procedures, saves time and most importantly increases the closing percentage of transactions.

Written By Tomer Edri, MOOZ360 CEO


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