Smart real estate marketing – just save money

The real estate industry faces many challenges. and above all there is the desire to succeed in the competitive market and generate sales efficiently. To date, marketing real estate and managing the sales process has required a lot of resources. Today the real estate market can benefit from technological solutions for smart marketing. It is not just a slogan but an application of technological innovation in an industry that is so thirsty for it. MOOZ360, the revolutionary startup that simply saves you money in marketing the project, offers you the tools you need for an effective, competitive and resource-efficient sales process.
The MOOZ360 system offers you marketers a collection of tools for managing and marketing the project under one platform where everything is there. It is much more than a system for managing the marketing campaign, it is a system that improves all communication with the customer and is based on advanced imaging tools. These tools enhance the customer experience, give it value and improve conversion rates.
This system is designed to address all the shortcomings of traditional sales processes, frontal sales based and site visits. Frontal sales have taken a lot of resources from both marketers and customers – the secret to MOOZ360‘s success lies in its ability to provide value to both buyer and seller.

Project management under one platform

You marketers benefit from a system through which you can manage and control all marketing processes. That means you get a solution that covers all the sales and marketing management processes.

Presenting the properties – with the help of the system you can present the property to the customer from any angle and from any possible direction. The customer wants to know what the property looks like from the inside, what the design details are and what the view from the window looks like. The system allows you to convey to the customer all the visual experience they need.
Presentation of the project and the surroundings- the client is not satisfied with the characteristics of the property, they also need to be impressed by the characteristics of the project as a whole and the characteristics of the area. The same technologies allow the customer to get to know and learn about the area and its benefits. For this purpose we use an interactive map that shows the location in three ways:
1.A view of the area showing the relevant roads and locations.
2. A look at the neighborhood and all the places close to the project.
3. And a look at the street and the places closest to the project.
This way the potential customer gets an accurate explanation of the benefits of the location.
Customization and platform design – you can control all the design items of the interface in order to present the customer with a unique marketing set  that matches the branding of the project, the target audience and the marketing needs.
Reaching new audiences – thanks to the online imaging capabilities, you can reach new audiences, which are geographically remote and make the project accessible to customers abroad, without increasing marketing costs.
Management – the platform gives you the management tools that allow you to manage the project better and maximize its results. The system includes user management, statistics and reports in real time, decision support information and even automation processes.

The innovative platform allows you to enjoy a solution that is not only more efficient but also provides added value. With the help of the system you will be able to convey the marketing benefits of the project more efficiently and without interruptions; Also present the benefits of the project; Introduce your benefits as a leading real estate company.

Written By Tomer Edri, MOOZ360 CEO


To present the complete solution for the real estate project


קבע פגישת דמו

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360 MOOZ מעמידה לשירות לקוחותיה ניסיון של למעלה מעשור בתחום שיווק נדל"ן במטרה לתת בטחון לדיירים ולהנגיש את הפרויקט ללקוחות כחוויה רגשית וייחודית.


We at MOOZ 360 want to give you all the right options for marketing your projects, you are welcome to choose the most convenient way in which we can show you the enormous benefits that are included in the platform.

360 MOOZ provides its customers with more than a decade of experience in the field of real estate marketing in order to give security to the tenants and make the project accessible to customers as an emotional and unique experience.