A very important question!
We have over ten years of experience in this field with more than 400 real estate companies in Israel that work with us at present and have worked in the past,
Finding a company that will go through the entire journey of the project with you from the moment it is created until the completing sales can sometimes take years depending on the size of the project.
We, at MOOZ, are here for the full management of the entire project throughout its life and beyond, with updates of unique features for each project and accompaniment with the highest level of service to give you peace of mind so that you continue to do what you do best.

This is an experiential visual way to take the customer on a journey to register an apartment in a project through marketing strategies with full synchronization to the entire apartment mechanism.

The whole idea of the system is that everything is online, without computers or applications.
With one of the best user experiences in the world – with a commitment!
And 3D options for viewing the project remotely and in-person.

Real estate developers, contractors, realtors and anyone who needs to market a real estate project
and is looking for a sales platform for a single project or all projects, with all the market tools
for the sale of apartments, offices, hotels, commercial spaces – in-person and remotely.

The platform includes:
* 3D user experience (which includes virtual tours, project films, sales features, etc.).
* Location of the project from several angles, the street, the neighborhood and the area.
* Innovative design at the highest level, built and adapted to real estate.
* Tracking interested customers.
* Full transparency for the customer and full management for the developer.

Everything related to execution times depends first of all on the customer,
on the ability to provide us with all materials in advance (logo, site content, illustrations, plans, etc ..)
Once all the materials are provided, the system setup process takes an average of two weeks to a month per one project.
If you also need to produce 3D content – it depends on how many and what.

We sure have.
Precise solution. Each apartment is cataloged according to its specific segment.
In an experiential and user-friendly design, with full management of all the apartments in the developer project.

The costs of using the platform are divided into three tracks, and each track has different and varied options
for marketing the project.
For more details regarding costs, send us a message and we will give you all the answers in an orderly manner.

We treat each apartment as a separate product therefore
each page includes a variety of marketing tools such as: 2D and 3D sales plan, virtual tour of the apartment, apartment view, realistic 3D map including loading the project, simulations and a variety of options as needed.
The idea is that each apartment gets the place it deserves for marketing in full synchronization of – sold / presale / registration / for rent and more…

Definitely and that’s even better!
The platform gives the possibility to merge all the projects into one system that has them all,
with the option to choose which project to enter – in a convenient and easy-to-use way.

The whole platform is built in a strategical, narrative structure.
We do not have a real estate project but an experiential story about the unique project.
The content and story of the project is written by professional content writers who tell an interesting story about the project.
This gives a powerful emotional feeling, in order to fire up the imagination of the potential customer.

The production of all the 3D content will be carried out by Studio Y, which is part of the MOOZ system with more than a decade of experience in the real estate field.
But there is no obligation to do this, the developer can bring the marketing products from their suppliers.
Our goal is to provide a 360 solution for the entire project.

The advantage of using 3 different maps is location. Location. Location. – Mirroring the surroundings to the customer.
View of roads and access roads – the big picture,
Introducing the surrounding and everything that is important to show,
And finally, the presentation of the neighborhood and what is around the house..

Yes, it‘s a regular part of the options attached to the platform.
Loading the project in a 360 photo.
Moving the model and presenting it from all directions.
Loading the project on an interactive map.
and more.

We can produce 360 tours of each apartment and present it all in a realistic marketing way.

The system knows how to connect to all communication products according to the type of system,
Our goal is to make it easier for the customer to contact us.
No matter if it is in a message, in a remote conversation, scheduling an appointment, registering for a project by clearing and more…

This is a unique product that shows the whole project behind the scenes.
Contact us for more details.

Each site receives a dedicated legal agreement for its project.


Have an issue? Send us a message and we'll be glad to help

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We at MOOZ 360 want to give you all the right options for marketing your projects, you are welcome to choose the most convenient way in which we can show you the enormous benefits that are included in the platform.

360 MOOZ provides its customers with more than a decade of experience in the field of real estate marketing in order to give security to the tenants and make the project accessible to customers as an emotional and unique experience.