User experience in the real estate world

In any area we look at, the user experience is central. Whether it is a website, app, product or service, we always think about the user experience. How to intensify the customer experience, how to increase satisfaction. Investing in the user experience is part of the marketing strategy, the means of dealing with competitors. But how is the user experience in real estate marketing expressed?

Is the user experience reflected in the product itself (the apartment) or in the sale process? The truth is that the answer is both; The user experience begins already in the sale process and continues to the experience resulting from the use of the property. Your ambition as a marketing person is to create an experiential sales process, which illustrates to the customer the experience of “using” the product, which is the experience of living in the property. Do not think about your needs, think about the needs of the customer. The client is looking for a property that suits their personal needs, their family situation. But they also need a sales process that saves them time and makes the important and relevant information accessible to them effectively. If you make everything easy and accessible, the customer will appreciate it and this will give you a competitive advantage.

How the user experience is reflected in the sale of real estate

You should strive to be the key factor in the customer decision making process. The key to this is to gather information about the customer and identify the customer‘s needs. Each client comes from a different personal background and has their ownreasons why they are interested in purchasing the property, and depending on their reasons so they examine other aspects of the project. The user experience stems from the personal attitude that identifies the customer‘s needs, even if they have not clearly expressed them, and leads them on a buying path that provides them with all the relevant information and neutralizes any opposition to buying. You must understand that the client is interested in purchasing an apartment, for them, for their family – the only question is whether they will purchase the apartment from you or elsewhere.

During the sale process, in addition to the personal attitude and identification of the customer‘s needs, you must emphasize the right aspects of the property – that is, create a connection between the customer‘s personal needs and the characteristics of the property; Characteristics that can be relevant to the apartment itself, the building, the project and the surrounding. For example, what are couples with small children who want to buy an apartment looking for? Apart from the characteristics of the apartment, they want to see that it is a safe place for the children, a pleasant place to raise children. They may be interested in public playgrounds where they can play with the children, kindergarten, educational institutions, medical services, proximity to transportation arteries, etc. These are the things that add value to the property you are marketing.

The user experience is not just an answer to customer questions. You must anticipate the questions in advance. Do not wait for the customer to ask you about the characteristics of the area, provide them with the answers they are looking for even when they do not ask them.

Communication and customer experience

A customer experience is not something that is done solely during a sales meeting with the customer, it starts long before a phone call is made. The customer experience begins in the early stages of communication. Perhaps the customer who dreams of buying an apartment is free to investigate and gather information only in the late hours of the night, when they have finished work and finished all the family chores. These are the moments when they search on Google, or on social networks – this is the beginning of the customer journey and this is where your communication with the customer begins. This is where the experience begins and these are the critical moments that you need to stand out from the competition.
You must allow the customer to contact you through the communication channels that are convenient for them – this can be a WhatsApp message, filling out a form, a Facebook message or other means. You must use the technological means that allow you to provide the customer with a solution that is convenient for them. You can use an automated response and various technological systems that increase customer satisfaction from the very first moments. This is a critical moment in the customer journey and your opportunity to surpass the competition.

Technologies in the customer experience service

The customer experience cannot be based solely on your personal sales skills. Even the best salesperson needs technological tools that allow them to enhance the customer experience – otherwise you will lose the customer in favor of competitors. You need to find the marketing methods that give more value to the customer. A good example of this is the MOOZ360 system, which allows the customer to get a full impression of all the characteristics of the property and the area, without having to visit the property.

The MOOZ360 system provides you with a package of technological tools which help you improve the customer experience. This is a complete system for managing real estate property marketing, it provides you with information about the client and a selection of advanced tools for perfect visualization of the property. The system monitors the various marketing channels and campaigns and provides you with information and statistics, and implements automation processes in order to increase sales percentages. The information you generate from the system allows you to implement optimization in the marketing processes.

Thanks to the use of the system, it is possible to meet all the customer‘s needs, while saving time for the customer. A customer looking for an apartment is likely to encounter a flood of publications, many of which do not meet the customer‘s needs at all and cause a waste of time. The solution is not by flooding the recognition of marketing messages, the solution is in efficiency and goal focus. This system allows the customer to get a quick and effective impression. The time savings and efficiency of imaging create a winning customer experience placing the customer at the center. This is not the property at the center but the needs of the customer. Ironically, when you focus most of your attention on the customer‘s needs rather than the product you are trying to sell, you are more successful in the sales process.

MOOZ360 offers you a system based on technologies. The system combines different technologies that together provide an answer to all stages of the customer journey. The system increases the user experience, creates differentiation and competitive advantage and even saves you resources.

Written By Tomer Edri, MOOZ360 CEO


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